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Shooting Gallery:

  • Sessions are 1-hour and $35/person with a 10% discount for 4+players

  • 8 stations each accommodate 2 players. Choose your favorite theme from: Rock 'n Roll, Carnival, Enchanted Forest, and Sports and Games.

Slingshot Sports:

  • $40/person for 1-hour at noon sessions and 1 1/2 hours for Happy Hour sessions.


Email for private parties and corporate events.


Come in for your scheduled session and use our equipment.

Arrive 5 minutes early to check in.

After a safety overview, head to your station and receive your required safety glasses, handmade F+B Slingshot and practice rounds.

Shooting Gallery:

  • Test yourself with dozens of themed  targets, and be surprised by how much fun you're having and smile big!


Slingshot Sports:

  • Get some tips and practice time and enjoy a little friendly .competition


Collect your F+B Target Poster, pose in the Selfie Station with your friends, and check out the SlingShop.

When your time is over, head over to the Selfie Station to mug for the camera and immortalize your time at F+B with your group!

Then, head over the SlingShop to check out our wide variety of slingshots and slingshot accessories, including handmade frames from F+B!


We're here to answer any questions you may have about getting safely set up and getting started in the rewarding practice of slingshot target sports! Come enjoy some Fun & Games!

Slingshot Shooting Gallery

Girl facing away shooting slingshot aiming at the Fork Plus Band Slingshot Logo

The F+B Slingshot Shooting
Gallery features 8 exciting
lanes with fun themes like
Rock-n-Roll, Sports &
Games, Enchanted Forest,
and Carnival. Two players
take turns for an hour of
free-form play or follow an
F+B Game Card to
organize play. Lanes are
equipped with targets that
can spin, bounce, ring, and
fall at different heights,
distances, and levels of
difficulty, using mechanical,
reactive, and passive
mechanisms.The Gallery will
delight the senses and let
you to fulfill that childhood
fantasy of having unlimited
play at the carnival game
strip. While the Gallery can
be as challenging as you
want to make it, it is also
accessible for people of most
ages and abilities. So, bring
the whole family, team from
work, or your friend group
to blow off some steam and
have a lot of fun while
testing your focus and
coordination! Great for
private parties and team
building events.

Slingshot Target Sports

Girl shooting slingshot with great form in side view with dark blue and neon blue background

While the F+B Slingshot
Shooting Gallery is perfect
for Slingshot Play, guests
ready to challenge
themselves further can find
weekly Slingshot Sports
activities using pro-quality
equipment and customized
set-ups on the 6- or 10-
meter lanes. If you enjoy
challenging yourself with
skills building activities, be
sure to check out our 6-
meter Foundations
experience where our
qualified staff will take you
through the basics of
modern slingshot safety,
form and review modern
gear to get you quickly
from "Hey, this is really
fun!" to "Hey, I bet I could
get good at this!" Get set
up for independent play
and enjoy some play
during open practice lane
hours, once qualified.

The SlingShop

A hand reaching down as if from heaven dangling a freshly crafted FB-1 handmade slingshot in blue and red with dark blue and neon blue background

The F+B SlingShop is the
nation's first and only
storefront dedicated to
slingshot play and sports! Let
our knowledgeable staff help
you find the equipment that's
right for you or find that
perfect gift for someone
special. We have plenty of
options for the beginner or
you might treat yourself to a
handcrafted slingshot frame,
like our own Model FB-1, or
a production pro-quality
frame from one ofour
international and domestic
suppliers. We carry quality
products and the finest
accessories to help you up
your game and do it in style.
We're here to get you

Looking down the line of three girls shooting slingshot in the Fork Plus Band Shooting Gallery with a parent/guardian looking on.
A confident older man  takes aim in the Carnival lane at the Fork Plus Band Slingshot Shooting Gallery.
View of a young woman taking aim in the Fork Plus Band Slingshot Shooting Gallery.
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