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About Us

Fork+Band Slingshot is an innovator in all-ages skills recreation, with our  modern unplugged Slingshot Shooting Gallery, Slingshot Sports Activity Center and retail SlingShop! Whether you're picking up slingshot for the first time, feeling inspired to relive nostalgic childhood memories, or are ready to take on the challenge of precision slingshot target sports, F+B is your place for fun, safe, and responsible slingshot games and sports. What’s more, F+B is conveniently located in Meriden, CT - right off of I-691, just 3 miles from  I-91 in central Connecticut!

F+B is a pop-up in Meriden Mall only until February 11, 2024! We're looking for the perfect city or town for our own brick and mortar location. If you'd like to see us in your town, drop us a line and let us know!

Our normal hours of operation at the Mall* are:

Thursday-Saturday 11am-8pm

Sunday noon-6pm

closed Monday-Wednesday

Fork+Band Slingshot opened a first-of-its-kind sports and games activity center in November 2023 in a shopping mall in Meriden, Connecticut, USA.  While slingshot is both common and popular in many places around the globe, few Americans are aware of or appreciate modern slingshot and slingshot sports. This is despite the fact that many Americans are already enjoying axe throwing, archery, darts and similar target sports. In contrast, slingshot has largely been thought juvenile, unserious and even delinquent. Knowing this, F+B designed a fun and safe indoor environment that is nostalgic and approachable for many while exceeding guest's expectations of what a slingshot shooting gallery might be. In addition to the Shooting Gallery, guests can find pro-quality slingshot frames and accessories from F+B and others in the F+B SlingShop. And there are programs for getting started in slingshot sports. The F+B Gallery can be rented for private parties, team building events, and other functions, and league play is planned.


The Gallery at F+B accommodates 16, with 2 players stationed at each of 8 tables and a distance of 6 meters to the rear targets. Guests reserve an hour slot online in advance ( and choose their favorite lane theme (Rock n Roll, Carnival, Enchanted Forest, or Sports & Games). The setup best lends itself to groups of 4 or multiples of 4, given two tables comprise an entire theme and when booked together, players can take advantage of twice the number of targets in cross-lane play.


The shop itself is colorful and inviting, with passersby sometimes confusing the Gallery for a photography studio, saying they’ve never seen any place like it before. The atmosphere inside is festive and lively, with sounds of moving targets, and lots of laughter and celebration. Slingshot frames line the walls near the entrance along with accessories and DIY supplies. Past the lobby and F+B SlingShop area is a long row of shooting tables separated by safety netting interrupted by a service desk and central Party Area with a free Selfie Station.


When guests arrive for their scheduled reservation, they receive a quick orientation, safety glasses, a generous supply of lightweight 10mm rubber practice rounds, a handmade F+B bamboo composite Ergo Hunter frame with tubular band sets already set up for the guest’s active band length, and a game card to help organize play. Most guests light up when they start playing and are quickly hooked when they enjoy success. When the hour is over, guests are welcomed to take photos with their themed F+B target poster to share on social media. Observing the play at F+B, it’s obvious that there is no one type of person who enjoys slingshot; it is really for just about everyone! Whether looking for casual play on the themed F+B Gallery lanes or some sporting competition, check out Fork Plus Band Slingshot in the Meriden Mall for “Slingshot, All Grown Up” and say hello to owners Andy Cislo and Naomi Spence when you’re in Connecticut!

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