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F+B 13"x19" Slingshot Target Posters*
  • F+B 13"x19" Slingshot Target Posters*

    SKU: TRG.1319.100#

    25 pack 13"x19" F+B Poster Slingshot Targets.


    We designed these 13"x19" poster slingshot targets for our Slingshot Safety & Target Skills group classes. The outermost ring is a generous 30cm. Moving inward, the diameter of each ring decreases by 5cm through the 10cm ring (39cm, 25cm, 20cm, 15cm, 10cm).


    From the 10cm ring moving inward, successive rings decrease by 2cm through the red 2cm inner-most bullseye ring with the F+B insignia (10cm, 8cm, 6cm, 4cm, 2cm). Note that the white border surrounding the red F+B bullseye counts as a hit within the 2cm threshold.


    The rings are scored and indicate 1-8 points, with bullseye gaining 10.


    Blank Fields include: Name, Date, Location, Distance, Wind, Ball, Witness, Bands, and Score


    *Available for local pickup by appointment or Special Order by Mail. Contact us at to arrange pickup/delivery.

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