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We think Slingshot Sports might represent the next big thing in the current trend of once "odd' and "unusual"  skills sports going mainstream across the nation. It was just a few years ago (2018) when ESPN first broadcast the World Axe Throwing Championship ( and it seems everyone has already done this  themselves or has a story of someone who has. in September 2022, CNBC covered the  still growing popularity of Cornhole and its recent professional organization and significant television airtime for competitions with $1 million in total prizes (


While Slingshot Sport Target Shooting is already being embraced around the world, with well-organized leagues and tournaments and the recent launch of the magazine, "Slingshot World," out of the U.K. (, the US has been slow to catch on. Fork Plus Band hopes to introduce our Connecticut neighbors to the fun, challenging, rewarding, and approachable outdoor sport of Slingshot Target Shooting through our established program. Our recent experience suggests that Connecticut is ready for Slingshot, but many need a place to do it or don't know how to go about getting started on their own!

Anticipating this opportunity as well as these needs, we formed Fork Plus Band Slingshot LLC in March 2022. We set out to gauge public interest and responsively develop the program. Partnering with a local action park offering complementary activities, we brought Group Introduction to Slingshot Target Shooting to dozens of adults and kids 12+. The people who chose to participate were very diverse and we were very pleased with the participation rate and the feedback received. We've also received positive feedback from the many consumers we've met at arts and craft fairs as we build the retail side of our business. In both the program activity and market settings, lots of young people are eager to test their hand and this ancient sport renewed while lots of older folks want to both play and chat about their childhood experiences with slingshot, often with a nostalgic glean in their eye.

In this context, we are inviting interested Connecticut businesses with  outdoor space  to explore the possibility of a mutually beneficial partnership. Are you a Connecticut business with outdoor space?


Let's Talk!

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